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Vertex Water Features Introduces BriteStar™ Battery-Free Solar Pond Aeration Systems which address the growing need for a professional quality solar aeration system at an affordable price

New BriteStar battery-free solar aeration systems from Vertex address the growing need for a professional quality solar aeration system at an affordable price for ponds and lakes where utility power is not economically available and for those who choose to use clean, carbon-free renewable energy whenever possible. BriteStar solar aerators provide the latest available technology to restore ponds to a cleaner, clearer and healthier condition naturally by raising oxygen levels, reducing muck, excess nutrients and suspended organics in the water column causing murky water. 

Vertex sales data indicate a growing interest in solar power. Data collected over the past 36 months reveal a 58% increase in consumer interest in solar powered pond and lake aeration equipment and in the last 12 months more than 50% of those interested in solar powered equipment are now motivated by environmental concerns and not for economic or power availability reasons.

BriteStar aerators are fully automatic, continuously monitoring the solar panel output while controlling the digital compressor to provide the maximum amount of air flow possible each day. BriteStar battery-free solar aerators boast a powerful long life Brookwood high-efficiency 24 volt BLDC compressor eliminating the need for expensive solar batteries, battery charge controllers, timers and battery replacements.

“Beyond our quality equipment, what sets Vertex apart from our competitors is the ongoing research that Vertex conducts to advance pond and lake restoration knowledge. We are the only aeration equipment manufacturer with a science department and a water and algae analysis laboratory providing our customers the best water quality solutions for their aquatic ecosystem” said John Gardner, President Vertex Water Features. 

“The Vertex units are much easier to install and maintain without those expensive bulky heavy batteries. Here in the City of Naples, Florida we are completely satisfied with the new BriteStar solar systems” said Don James, Stormwater Supervisor: City of Naples 

“The Vertex Aeration System was an extremely good investment. It has run flawlessly without need for repairs - only simple maintenance at the end of the year. I haven’t had any more stressed or dying fish, and the diffuser pads haven’t needed cleaning a single time!” said Bruce Condello, President/Co-creator of Big Bluegill, Field Advisory Staff and website Moderator of PondBoss magazine.

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lyseconcept jean Marius
French English
Nous avons fait une étude de deux ans sur une micro station en insufflant de l'air dans le fond de la cuve avec un compresseur. Tous lers prélèvements intantanés effectués tous les mois démontraient une dégradation du milieu et une augmentation de la boue.
Nos conclusions
l'air libre insufflé agit sur le milieu comme agity la pluie sur un clou: il rouille, dans l'eau il augmente la toxicité du milieu.
Les gens qui utilisaient cette micro station d'épuration de leurs eaux usées ont souffert durant des années des émanations olfactives de putréfaction de cet outil.
Nous avons abandonné l'insufflation d'air et par un concours de circontance, par hasard , notre intervention avec une autre approche s'est avéré positive. L'état biologique de l'effluent s'est stabilisé en arrêtant de se déterriorer. Puis petit à petit il a retrouvé un état biologique normal. Depuis maintenant 5 ans l'expérience perdure et il n'y a plus aucun dégagment d'odeurs désagréables.
Donc je pense qu'insuffler de l'air dans un milieu hydraulique naturel a des effets négatifs et surtout ne réduira pas la boue qui elle provient d'érosions de terrain lors des précipitations pluviales.
Notre découverte, malheureusement, ne peut être mise en application, que sur une petite unité de traitement d'eaux usées.
We did a two-year study on a micro station by blowing air into the bottom of the tank with a compressor. All lers intantanés withdrawals every month showed a degradation of the environment and an increase in the mud.
Our conclusions
fresh air is blown on the medium as agity rain on a nail: it rusts, water increases the toxicity of the medium.
People who used this micro wastewater treatment plant wastewater suffered for years olfactory emanations of putrefying this tool.
We abandoned the air insufflation and a competition circontance, by chance, our involvement with another approach proved positive. The biological condition of the effluent stabilized by stopping run-down. Then gradually he regained a normal biological condition. For 5 years experience continues and there is no longer any dégagment unpleasant odors.
So I think qu'insuffler air in a natural hydraulic medium has negative effects and do not reduce the mud that it comes from land erosion during storm rainfall.
Our discovery, unfortunately, can not be implemented, as a small unit of wastewater treatment.

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