I wish to bring to the notice to the team - The Water Network, that the introduction web page of som

Yogesh Agrawal

I wish to bring to the notice to the team - The Water Network, that the introduction web page of some members gives very little information like name and global citizen only. I suggest that the introduction web page of members should contain some minimum information so that other members may have some reasonable idea about the member.

Trudi Schifter
Trudi Schifter Hi Yogesh, Thank you for the feedback. We are planning an upgraded platform for the entire network that includes a whole new user profile. Work started on this in 2013. Launch is planned for April/May. Part of this includes importing as much information as possible from third party sites like LinkedIn, pre filling in years work experience, level in an organization and know how. We have avoided making too many field mandatory to let people register fast. This is always a tradeoff.

If you have specific ideas, now is a perfect time to share them as the developers are in the midst of this now.
Yogesh Agrawal
Yogesh Agrawal I think we should have name of member, city and country of residence (writing global citizen is absurd), age and/or years of experience, official designation (just writing CWC serves no purpose, directorate or the precise designation will be good, field in which worked or working,
Trudi Schifter
Trudi Schifter thanks for your feedback. Global Citizen is only shown when the member does not indicate their main industry of work. It is not intended to indicate location in any way. This is not clear, and will change as you suggest in the new profiles.

Pleae remember, what members put in their profiles is up to them, not us. We are working hard to make it simpler, more automated, fun and clear to provide more info, including publications, speaking engagements...
Yogesh Agrawal
Yogesh Agrawal Every member should give such a minimum information, so that other members may have idea about his main discipline, education, organization, etc. A proforma may be drawn up. It may be left to the members, what they want to fill up in the proforma. They may fill up proforma in full or partial. Proforma may be short and may not be more that a page. If members are not able to appreciate the credential of other members, how communication between them can increased to discuss the problems.
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