Water Still Tainted By Fracking in Dimock, Pennsylvania


A law firm has demanded that Pennsylvania environmental regulators force a natural-gas driller to continue delivering replacement water to residents of a town whose drinking water wells were tainted with methane and possibly hazardous chemicals. Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. has been delivering water to homes in the northeastern Pennsylvania village of Dimock since January 2009. The Houston-based energy company asserts Dimock's water is safe to drink and won regulatory permission last month to stop the water deliveries by the end of November. Attorneys for 11 Dimock families who are suing Cabot in federal court said that test results show their well water is still contaminated. Read more: http://j.mp/vc3BWo


Maria  Bolevich
I read about this,you can also find more informationas in Environmental magazine. And also I would like to recommended documentary Gasland.
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