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launch of Water Footprint Research Alliance on 26 May


WFN is launching "Water Footprint Research Alliance" 26 May, World Water Congress XV, Edinburgh, UK

A new ‘Water Footprint Research Alliance’ will be launched on by Water Footprint Network and five of its partners during its special session on 26 May 2015, at World Water Conference XV, Edinburgh.
The new Research Alliance will act as a catalyst to accelerate progress in research and collaboration in the field of Water Footprint Assessment and sustainable water use. By drawing together researchers, promoting areas of new research and expanding knowledge on the drivers and consequences of water scarcity and pollution, it will help guide us towards the united, global response we need to meet today’s water resource challenges, using Water Footprint Assessment.
The Water Footprint Network will co-ordinate the alliance and apply the results to further advancements in Water Footprint Assessment, providing companies, governments, small-scale producers and individuals with the most strategic insights into their water use and the most effective, practical advice to make their water footprint sustainable.
WFN thanks those partners that have supported WFN in the launch of this initiative - University of Twente [Netherlands], University of Free State [South Africa], Beijing Forestry University [China], Northwest A&F University [China], and CEIGRAM [Spain].
WFN invites all of their academic (universities, scientific institute) partners who can contribute to the advancement of Water Footprint Assessment research to the launch event. For further information, please contact WFN at http://waterfootprint.org/en/about-us/contact/


lyseconcept jean Marius
I bring into the sewage treatment wastewater market an invention.
I'm surprised how little impact this product.
To date about excrement there is no treatment just excreta management that transfer of the place of defecation to the storage of excrement sludge pending a hypothetical treatment. This forces us to contaster in mind the earth's population in 2015 is still in the position of defecation in the open. This results in figures:
45 million tons of excrement products
45 million tons of sludge When applied excrement on the floor
Result: defecation in the open air but with considerable financial investment just as ineffective and useless
Jean Marius
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