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Save Water – Add Overflow marker and Volume indicator in Water bucket


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This is suggested design for a water bucket that should save water. Estimated 20% water should be saved with such design.

Adding Overflow Marker: A simple red line drawn in circular on the top of the water bucket defines the problem of water wastage on water bucket.

Margin Space left on top level of bucket and overflow marker line is actual and immediate water saved with this design. It may be 1 or 2 litre water that is directly saved.

‘No Overflow’ Label: A simple label but attempts to resolve the problem. It makes user responsible towards water use as well.

Volume Indicator: A simple scale for volume of water at different levels in water bucket. This volume value tells the user every time how much water is being used. The measure of volume helps inanalyzing and helps in understanding water significance. It is expected that user will tend to use less water with such volume measure available.

Here, scale in design is not actual measure and may differ with product design.

Business Opportunity: Water Bucket Manufacturers can make more profits with such product design. At the same time, it solves global water crisis problem. No need to share profit, but inform us – it will inspire us.

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lyseconcept jean Marius
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Ceci et un faux problème. Aujourd'hui l'habitat consomme de l'eau et veut consommer de l'eau. Personne n'arrivera à diminuer la consommation d'eau.
Il faut plutôt aller vers le restect de l'usage de l'eau dans l'habitat.
Cette eau que l'humain consomme est -biologique-; Pourquoi la restitue t il dans l'environnement imprégnée d'une pollution chimique? Car si cette eau usée est rejetée -biologique- dans l'environnement, MERE NATURE s'en accommode.
Voi même on va plus loin avec le concept d'Assainissement Biologique puisqu'on arrose le jardin potager avec l'eau de rejet
This and a false problem. Today habitat consumes water and wants to consume water. No one will come to reduce water consumption.
Rather go to the restect of water use in the home.
This water that humans consume is -biologique-; Why does it restores the environment impregnated with chemical pollution? For if this waste water is released into the environment -biologique-, MOTHER NATURE deals with it.
Voi even we go further with the concept of Biological Remediation since water the vegetable garden with discharge of water
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