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Young Entrepreneurs Building Water Startups


Fresh, young minds are coming together to build socially conscious businesses to help make the world a better place. Check out these young entrepreneurs building water and gas startups that are innovative and already helping to change the world.
1. Sunit Mohindroo and Ahmed Badruddin, Co-founders, WatrHub Inc.

Mohindroo and Badruddin are the brains behind a water data mining company called WatrHub Inc. WatrHub Inc. was started due to a lack of organized water data in the market. The Toronto based company wanted to solve this frustrating problem by pulling water data from the internet and sorting it into a standard format that companies can easily use for their benefit.
Mohindroo says, “A lot of this data has been stored for years, but we didn’t have the technology to mine it like we do now.” The information WatrHub Inc. produces is valuable to water utility companies and startups and vendors in the water industry who are looking for market intelligence about potential clients.
2. Taylor Conroy, Founder, Change Heroes

Conroy is the inspiring, Vancouver-based founder of Change Heroes, an online, for-profit, fundraising platform. Conroy, who was originally a firefighter, took a life-changing trip to Africa and realized he wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. He committed to building a school in Kenya and used marketing tactics that allowed him to raise $10,000.
He applied these tactics to produce Change Heroes, an online fundraising platform that makes it easy for anyone with the intention to make a difference to impact hundreds of children in the developing world in as little as three hours. By rallying one person to engage their network to give $3.33 a day for 3 months they can raise $10,000. This includes giving children access to clean drinking water.

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Nicole de Rueda
Carol, me to has started up a small setup for water and data collection service center. Will share info with you and TWN team soon to publish. Water is a need of time and business hot spot.
Carol Liu
look forward to it, Nicole.
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