Watec Peru 2014

Event Location: 
Lima, Peru
Start Date: 
17 September 2014
End Date: 
19 September 2014

Watec Peru will take place September 17-19, 2014 at the ​Círculo Militar del Perú, in Lima, Peru.

Of all the water available on the Earth, 97% is saline and found in oceans, while a mere 3% is freshwater, available in rivers, streams and glaciers. Despite this relative dearth of freshwater, there is in fact enough freshwater available on the planet to support the world's current population; however, the water is distributed unevenly, thus creating the water shortages and inaccessibilities so familiar to the modern world.​

Kenes Exhibitions and IPTIG initiated a platform for bringing together the very latest water and renewable energy technologies and professionals to interact, understand buyer-seller needs, and bring awareness to all segments of end users. 

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