Environmental Isotopes in Groundwater Studies: Groundwater, Environmental Isotopes, and Salinity

Event Location: 
Start Date: 
16 July 2014
End Date: 
16 July 2014

Learn how environmental isotopes — important in tracing groundwater flowpaths and recharge origin — can be used with geochemistry to trace the source of salinity in this webinar, a part of the Environmental Isotopes in Groundwater Studies webinar series.

In addition to oxygen-18 and deuterium, isotopes of chlorine and sulfate are increasingly used routinely to trace rock/water interaction and mixing with saline sources in the subsurface. This webinar will look in some detail at a few of these important isotope systematics:

  • Sources of ​salinity in groundwater
  • Strontium and sulfur isotopes
  • Isotope partitioning in advanced rock/water/gas reactions
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Case studies for groundwater contamination from saline sources.​
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