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We are looking for partners for dual filters distribution. NSF and Pasteur institute patented.
Run with water pressure without energy and very low level maintenance.
If interested please contact me : aep.elec@free.fr
Waqar Hussain
Dear All Members
I have more than 9 years of experience of water/wastewater analysis in accredited labs and was working as lab.incharge in Pakistan Council of research in water resources. Govt.of Pakistan has decided to expel 35 water quality foreign trained experts including me from job with out assigning any reason.
I have become jobless. If any one has job relevant to me please do inform me. I am wiling for job abroad from Pakistan
Water desinfection with dual filters is an efficient method to remove metals and over dosis of chlorine and kill bacterias. ACTIVE CARBON + PURE SILVER (not silver salts).The first filter go down the turbidity and the second filters kill bacterias. Ideal to insert in the inlet circuit of water point of use. Contact us for rural and insulated applications. We are looking after distributors and NGO.
Robert PINILLA aep.elec@free.fr
Kyle Hughes
Check out the world's leading event dedicated to flooding, The Flood Expo. Tickets are free if you follow this link www.thefloodexpo.co.uk/tracker.asp?code=TWN
SM Farid Uddin  Akhter
UN, INGO,NGO Officials need Orientation on “sasrai-Movement” Pope’s “bold cultural revolution”
Bryant Hayward
Hi Water network,

I'm a VC out of Silicon Valley and we invested in a new Nano-Bio technology that has several different applications, including instant and static water purification, without chemicals, filters or power. We are Patented and FDA approved for our skin and medical surgical applications and EPA approved for surface and water applications..

We are looking for a little advice, who would you suggest we contact here in the states and internationally besides the US Military, that could best put this technology to work? If you would like to help work on this project as well, there are several humanitarian applications that could help millions of people... Please feel to call or email myself at-... Bryant@nwqventures.com
Water Network Research

Which countries met the millennium development goal on sanitation?

Source: The Guardian

Yago Bellido
#FuturENVIRO: WATER Issue. Free E-edition Now Available! / Edición AGUA. Versión Digital Gratuita Disponible


Plants Report

- Lanzarote V Desalination Plant – Arrecife, Lanzarote
- O Grove WWTP and general main sewer lines (Pontevedra)

Energy efficiency and saving

- Enhancement of energy efficiency at Canary Islands desalination plant
- Smart water networks, integrated information at the service of Smart Cities
- New high efficiency system for water pumping
- The forefront of efficient water network management
- Implementation of AFP System® at Can Sans de Sant Celoni DWTP
- ENERWATER: Method for assessing and improving the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plants
- More sustainable stormwater management for improved energy efficiency

Automation, control & instrumentation

- The case study of Águas do Algarve
- Optimisation of sewerage network control systems
- VISIONTECH4LIFE: Internet of things at the service of the environment
- Technological solutions at Darsait WWTP (Oman)

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- Desaladora Lanzarote V. Arrecife, Lanzarote
- EDAR y colectores generales de O Grove (Pontevedra)

Eficiencia y ahorro energético

- Mejora de la eficiencia energética en una desaladora de las Islas Canarias
- Redes inteligentes de agua, información integrada al servicio de las Smart Cities
- Nuevo sistema de alta eficiencia para el bombeo de agua
- Vanguardia de la gestión eficiente de redes de agua / The forefront of efficient water network management
- Aplicación del AFP System® en la ETAP Can Sans de Sant Celoni
- ENERWATER: Método para evaluar y mejorar la eficiencia energética de las estaciones de tratamiento de aguas residuales
- Gestionar de forma más sostenible el agua de lluvia para mejorar la eficiencia energética

Automatización, control e instrumentación

- Caso práctico Águas do Algarve
- Optimización de sistemas de control de red de saneamiento
- VISIONTECH4LIFE: Internet de las cosas al servicio del medio ambiente
- Proyecto LIFE+ AQUATIK
- Soluciones tecnológicas en EDAR de Darsait (Omán) / Technological solutions at Darsait WWTP (Oman)

Comunications Officer

Can Uttar Pradesh unleash the untapped potential of CLTS in India?

Read my blog http://cltsfoundation.org/blog/?p=44

Water Network Research
Australian scholarships available for water leaders of tomorrow: The International WaterCentre (IWC) is currently offering several full scholarships for high calibre international candidates interested in studying the Master of Integrated Water Management (MIWM) in Brisbane next year. European water professionals can apply online for a scholarship until the August 2015. Get more information here http://bit.ly/1gpzqgb
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