Preservation of Rivers and Ponds



Yogesh Agrawal
The Amani Shah ka nalla and catchment area of Ram Garh dam near Jaipur are being cleared of unauthorized encroachments. On dated 13 sept. 2012, a nine story building was removed using controlled blasting from the flow area of the Amani shah nalla. The Revenue Board Rajasthan is withdrawing hundreds of allotments given for land in the catchment area of water streams. In compliance to the Rajasthan Court order dated 23.8.2011 and 8.9.2011 while hearing S/B civil writ petition No. 11153/11, Mr. C.S. Rajan, Additional Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Rajasthan, Gamin Vikas and Panchayati Raj Department vide his six page Letter No. 2142 dated 30 November 2011 directed all the concerning departments of the Government of Rajasthan, to comply the suggestions of the committee (chaired by me) constituted in the Abdul Rehman v/s Govt. of Rajasthan case (DB Civil writ petition 1536/03 in Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur) . Lot of work silently is being done by the Government of Rajasthan to save the water resources like water streams and ponds, dams etc. If any body is interested and gives e-mail address, i can send him the order of the Govt.of Rajasthan dated 30 Nov 2011. It is also available at the Govt. of Rajasthan web site. The encroachments from the catchment and flow area of natural water streams like rivers etc. and from the reservoirs are being constantly removed. Any allotment made and construction work done since year 1956, has been declared by the Rajasthan High Court.
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