Decentralized Water Management

Your experiences with decentralized water management.

Trudi Schifter
Started by Trudi Schifter on
08 Aug 2012 at 04:31
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Please introduce yourself to the group and experiences that you have had in implementing or planning decentralized water treatment/management projects.


rajasegar radhakrishnan
I think DEWATS can be a innovative solution for many small town along perennial river basins. These rivers are the only source of drinking water and these are getting polluted increasingly due to lack of sewage collection and treatment system.
Barry Porter
I am Barry Porter, CEO of Nubian Water Systems. Nubian was formed to research, develop and bring to the market products that address one of the most significant global challenges in the 21st Century – the maintenance of adequate supplies of clean drinking water.
emilio munoz
Good afternoon, my name is Emilio and I work for a water management company from Vienna, Austria.
We are specialized in wastewater treatment based on SBR technology. We have developed a lot of decentralized WWTP around the world, in Croatia, Maldives island, Austria, Oman, and many countries more.

From my experience i can say that the decentralized WWTP presents many advantages in comparison with centralized WWTP, in small communities, rural areas, turistic areas, etc. In terms of investment costs a decentralized WWTP is much more cheaper if compared with the pipeworking necessary to transport the wastewater toward the centralized collectar and afterwards to the central WWTP.
As always, it is necessary to estimate correctly the total costs before taking a conclusive decision.
rajasegar radhakrishnan
The conventional centralised wastewater treatment faces lots of challenges in india, i think a hybrid sewer system combination of dewats and conventional collection system will prove more effective and envifonmental friendly. Please share your views........lets discuss + and -........
Keesler Welch
As part of my Master's thesis I conducted fieldwork in Nepal to investigate their water governance, to more fully explore alternatives to centralized systems and large-scale projects, and to examine whether locally managed water systems are a more effective and responsible approach to providing water for all within the Kathmandu Valley. My conclusion was that centralized water management is all but a failure in Nepal, and restoring the country’s decentralized water management by elected local bodies, with room for private as well as community participation at various capacities, may be the best hope for Nepal’s water supply.
rajasegar radhakrishnan
Dear keesler, i am intrested to read your thesis, its very interesting........
Iouri Vaisman
Hi colleagues,

I've been fortunate to take part in the planning, design and construction of a number of water reuse & recycling schemes in Australia. Four of those are in operation with two at the commissioning stage and one about to start construction. Waste water reuse, sewer mining, grey water reuse and storm water harvesting projects. Hope the trend continues...
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