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What forms the fundamental basis when making a purchase?

Edwin Muchebve
Started by Edwin Muchebve on
08 May 2014 at 22:58
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I enjoyed reading this weekly update from LinkedIn Group: Water Industry Process Automation & Control, posted by Oliver Grievson. I thought of sharing it with everyone here.

There was an interesting article this week on the BBC website completely unrelated to the Water Industry but it talked about everybody’s personal buying habits with regard to white goods. How in times gone by the items we purchased were a lot more expensive but the build quality was second to none and it tended to last for what seemed like forever, for those of you want to have a bit of fun and read the BBC article the link is 

This article formed the fundamental basis of the Question of the Fortnight that I asked this week which asked of the group what it is that forms the fundamental basis when purchasing an instrument, is the functionality, is the durability, is maintainability or is it as quite often happens the price of the individual instrument itself. There are some interesting answers so far in the question but it does seem that no matter where you are in the world there is some element of restriction in the engineer’s choice when it comes to purchasing instruments. There are some good points in this and of course some bad the main one being is with the framework system that is in place in the UK the relationship between supplier and purchaser can work really well, at least in my experience. To join in the discussion then follow the link

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