What the average cost of desalinated water?

C. Aing
Started by C. Aing on
11 Mar 2013 at 04:03
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Hello Everyone, I want to know what the average cost of desalinated water? What is the amount of energy used to produce desalinated water?


Nikolay Voutchkov
Dear Mr. Aing:

The cost of seawater desalination varies depending on many factors including source water slainity, temperature, solids content, plant location, intake and outfall type, and many others. Based on analysis of over 40 SWRO desalination projects constructed in the last 5 years, the cost of water production of SWRO plants is between US$0.5 and US$3.0/m3 and averages US$1.1/m3. The energy use of the SWRO system is between 2.5 and 4.0 kWh/m3 and averages 3.1 kWh/m3. Please note that this is only the energy use of the RO separation system - the energy for collection, pretreatment, post-treatment and delivery are not included becasue they are site specific.
The Desalination Library of this site contains two presentations ; "Energy Use for Seawater Desalination" and "How Much Does Seawater Desalination Cost?" which provide greater detail on the factors and costs associated with seawater desalination. All information contained in the Desalination Group library is availalbe free for use/download by all Desalination Group members.
emilio munoz
Dear Mr Aing,

This question is so general and can be answered in different ways, depending on several aspects.

We need at least to know the product water flow required, the features of the seawater, the civil works required (either in the ocean or in land) etc.
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