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VIDEO: Water Reuse on Wayne Lording’s Farm

Arthur Ha
Started by Arthur Ha on
21 Jan 2015 at 21:49
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This week we consider our series on sustainable farming by talking to Wayne Lording about how he recycles grey- and black-water to replace irrigated water and fertiliser. Key points are:

  • Treated water is used to irrigate and fertilise olive groves.
  • The key technology is a small pump, which is readily available.
  • Water reuse system has a payback period of 18 months.
  • The more water and fertiliser you use, the more you can save from installing a similar water reuse system.
  • Wayne’s water reuse system also has risk-management benefits by providing a hedge against water and fertiliser price increases.



Arthur Ha
Hi Govind

Thanks, I hope you found the video of interest to you and your clients. There is one more video in the series where we wrap it all up. Thanks for watching!


Govind Bharad
Nice will have to see once again.
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