Use of DAF for Seawater Pretreatment

Vishakha Rajput
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22 Oct 2012 at 02:44
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Hello I have an question about use of DAF for seawater pretreatment.  Do you think that dissolved air flotation is an effective technology for removal of algae from seawater?  Is anyone  aware of successful DAF applications? thanks,


Nikolay Voutchkov
To date, the use of DAF had a mixed success bacause of the differences of seawater and fresh water for which most DAF technologies are developed. Main differences entail water density and the need ot operate at higher pressures, the size of marine algae which often are an order of magnitude smaller than fresh water algae and therefore require the use of smaller size bubbles, and the charge of seawter particles, which usually is signficnalty lower than that of fresh water particles and therefore requires re-design on the coagulation and flocculation chambers.
Vishakha Rajput
Mr. Ahmed, thanks for the detailed explanation. I am uploading the file of DAF description in the document section so that other members can also go through it. Thanks, Vishakha
Engr. Mansoor Ahmed PhD. Scholar
Listed below are a few of the applications in which a DAF system is efficient and cost effective.
Aircraft Maintenance
Algae Removal
Automotive Industry
Bakery Waste
Ballast Water
Chemical Processing Plants
Dairy Industry
Fiber Recovery
Fly Ash
Latex and Rubber Industry
Meat Packing
Paint Waste
Pet Foods
Potato Processing
Poultry Processing
Produce Water
Pulp and Paper Mills
Seafood Processing
Slaughter House
Tank and Truck Cleaning
Engr. Mansoor Ahmed PhD. Scholar
Dear Vishakha,
I have sent the DAF Description on your email as I do not know how to upload file in this comment.
Thank you,
Engr. Mansoor Ahmed
Vishakha Rajput
Thanks Mr. Ahmed for answering my querry. If you can provide the details of DAF system it will be highly appricieted. Thanks again, vishakha
Engr. Mansoor Ahmed PhD. Scholar
Dear Vishakha,
DAF is a successful technology in replacement of Sedimentation Tanks (Primary Clarifiers)as requires lesser space and efficient in removing TSS (by coagulation+flocculation). Applications of DAF are mostly in Wastewater Streams and also the reasons it requires lesser space than Sedimentation Tanks;

Wastewater Treatment Plants in General
Oil Refinery Waste Treatment in collaboration with CPI
Edible Oil Mills removal of Oil from Wastewater Stream
Recovery of Pulp from Paper Mills Wastewater Streams
In wastewater treatment plants where there is space constraints

For Fresh or Sea Water, most of the times we need to remove Sand/Silt and some cases Algae.
We employ Primary Sedimentation+Multimedia Filter+Micron Filter and then Ultra-Filtration+Reverse Osmosis.

In cases we can employ DAF System for Algae/Silt/Sand Removal then Multimedia Filters+Micron Filters+UF+RO.

Should you need any detailed description of DAF system, I can provide it to you then.

Thank you,
Engr. Mansoor Ahmed
PhD. Scholar - Environmental Engineering
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