Canal projects

Smart Planning for a Smart City Infrastructure

Edwin Muchebve
Started by Edwin Muchebve on
30 Apr 2014 at 08:48
-, Estuarine & Coastal Engineering Laboratory, Yokohama National University
Know-how: Water & Wastewater, Irrigation Systems, Pumping System Design, Hydrodynamics & Water Quality, Pumps, Fluid Dynamics

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A smart Infrastructure project is a large system of systems.
This paper looks at how asset owners and operators planning smart infrastructure projects can benefit from a systems engineering approach to project design.
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Amanthi G.
Edwin, do you have some literature on canal lining? I need some for sandy loam area. Please share if you happen to posses some. Best.
Edwin Muchebve
For irrigation development FAO publications are good to me. Check this document on canal lining Chapter 6 Canal lining:

See also the publication by D.B. Kraatz, Irrigation Canal Lining, (published by FAO in 1973).
Edwin Muchebve
Hi Amanthi. Sorry for late reply. I will check for the literature and update you in the near future. Regards.
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