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Should water be for the people or the politicial lobbyists?

David Lloyd Owen
Started by David Lloyd Owen on
25 Mar 2013 at 05:20
Managing Director , Envisager
Know-how: Water Utility, Quality Maintenance, Water Charging & Pricing

A petition is being prepared to take fto the EU calling for it to uphold the right to water. This is laudable, but the sub clause demanding that the 'liberalisation' of water and sewerage should be outlawed is not. Indeed, it is an illiberal demand, since it is saying that only one model of water management ought to be allowed irrespective of the merits of other forms of service provision. So, the question is; should the provision of water and sewage services be for all by all means necessary or should they be to the satisfaction of one political lobby irrespective of practical merits? 


christine  adam
For obvious reasons it should be for the people and as you mentioned should be practical and worth investing in it.
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