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Is saline water used for anything?

Martin gayle
Started by Martin gayle on
30 Mar 2014 at 15:22
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Is anyone is using saline water for some good purpose? pl share


Martin gayle
Massod, can you share some review paper or article if you have. I need it for my study, thanks for the help in advance.
Engr. Mansoor Ahmed PhD. Scholar
Dear Martin Gayle,

Yes, it depends upon the salinity but anyhow, in Denim Garment Washing, Saline Water is widely being used say up to 11,000ppm and it does not give any bad impact even. In Pakistan, many of the Garment Washing Units using Saline Bore Well Water of such TDS.

In some parts, it is being used to grow plantation (like mangroves) which are normally grows in mixed Seawater/River Water Delta region. So growing the same plantation with Saline water is another use.

There could be other uses to explore.
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