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For Rural areas which is the most Efficient and economical Pathogen removal method from water ?

Hussein Ibrahim
Started by Hussein Ibrahim on
11 Aug 2014 at 08:05
Know-how: Remote Sensing

Most of the water sources in rural Sudan areas are contaminated. people decontaminate the water through traditional means such as boiling and chlorination. Do members know some efficient and economical way of treating water for pathogen other than boiling and chlorination ? Could be a chemical or biological way of treatment.


Rose Wambua
Dear Hussein,

Check out sawyer water filters (www.sawyer.com). We have distributed their SP180 filter to a number of homes/villages in Kenya and the outcome has been great.
Maruf Hasan
Pathogen treatment is approached in two ways: removal processes and/or inactivation (disinfection) processes. These processes ideally form part of an over-arching “multiple-barrier” treatment strategy that ensures water source protection (using water of the highest initial quality possible), followed by appropriate pathogen removal, subsequent disinfection, and final contamination protection strategies for the water distribution system.
Leonardo Zanata
ultrafiltration is the only effective alternative that I know for those you say above.... type "domestic Ultrafiltration" on google and see the results.

Best Regards. Léo.

Amir Dakkak
Dear Hussein,

Maybe understanding the mechanics of Michael Pritchard's filtering bottle would be of great help.

Here is the link of him presenting the filtering bottle:
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