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Reuse of Recycled water

Gursharan Singh Kainth
Started by Gursharan Singh Kainth on
08 Dec 2014 at 08:05
Director, Guru Arjan Dev Institute of Development Studies,Amritsar,India
Know-how: Agriculture & Forestry

What are the uses of recycled water.  What is the government policy for reuse system.

What measures should be taken to reuse the recycled water


michelle arroyo
Crowd sourcing solutions towards the reuse of recycled water is feasible through an exclusive infrastructure online platform called Marketplace where experts in the field serve as technology solutions providers that enable new systems, processes and innovation suggestion toward solving this issue. You may also opt to post challenges about effective reuse of recycled water there.
rajasegar radhakrishnan
Due to change in lifestyle we are habituated to use more fresh water. We reached to a situation where reuse of water is the only option. After simple treatment and disinfection it can be used for flushing, car wash & gardening. By treating with ultra-filtration it can be used for all purpose except drinking.
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