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Paying more for less? Do we need universal metering in England and Wales?

David Lloyd Owen
Started by David Lloyd Owen on
07 Mar 2013 at 04:33
Managing Director , Envisager
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By 2016 Ireland will have gone to 0 to 100 per cent domestic metering. England and Wales continue to limp onwards towards 60 per cent metering by 2020 plus in a climate of misinformation, political ignorance and regulatory hostility. Should we be concerned about this? 

Would members care to comment and frame their current views. For examples share your thoughts on the cost and benefits of metering from your current perspective and experience.


David Lloyd Owen
Thanks Karan. I guess our politicians, regulators and policy makers are still stuck in the 1980s.

The one good thing about these delays is that it may mean we go straight from traditional metering to smart metering which looks like being an even more effective tool for demand management. It will be interesting to see what happens in Malta. Currently, they are completing a comprehensive metering programme whereby smart water and electricity meters are being installed together. Therefore domestic users will be able to see how much for example a bath costs in terms of power as well as water.
Karan Kurien
If someone had asked about water metering before 30 years to me, I would have strongly opposed. but now looking at the current situation of water, YES we should have water meters. Why water is scare because it is fee to use and people tends to missus the resource when it comes free to them. In developing countries lifting ground water has no policies which results in depletion of ground water level and poor farmers are the one who suffers more. At the same industries are also lifting water at enormous limits and no law is there to regulate them. If water meters are made compulsory they government can see which sector misusing the water, where is minimum use of water and depending on that they can make water policies for nation. I strongly support the water meter installation in every country.
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