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Destin Grace Gerard Sakamesso
Started by Destin Grace Gerard Sakamesso on
21 Oct 2012 at 18:42
responsable of odalavie Congo, odalavie
Know-how: Water Supply


i'm very happy to realize our first rainwater collector in luingui village, it was very great to work with this great local people


Greg Majersky
But what will the impact be on surface water when you have a widespread rain collection network?

It would be all to easy to build a collection network for urban slums, but at that point there should be quantifiable negative impact on streams and rivers, which could affect irrigation.
Stephen Siwila
Great discussion indeed. Has any one got a paper on economic evaluation on rainwater harvesting and/or sustainability of rainwater harvesting?
Destin Grace Gerard Sakamesso
of cours rajasegar, that is the essential we can do... to know that there are people who miss water hurts me because water, that is life
rajasegar radhakrishnan
Good destin, these activities keeps us going.....
Bienheureuse Bucyeyeneza
Keep it up, as it's known that rain water harvesting can be one of the solutions for water shortage problems.
Destin Grace Gerard Sakamesso
you're right Michael, you really know African realities like me, water is becoming rare nowdays, it's what w're doing for helping this people
nice to learn that they are collecting rain water quite a sustainable way to take this world forward......
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