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Looking for optimum design solution for sewage treatment.

Elias Atallah
Started by Elias Atallah on
20 Jan 2015 at 04:11
Know-how: Water Treatment Plant Design

what is the optimum design for treating sewage having a flow of 30m3 per day, BOD: 250mg/L and SS: 250mg/L


bob ted
I am sure this link will help you in designing a small plant
Leonardo Zanata
with this low charge (BOD) and low flow (+ our - 1m³/h) a simple biological treatment by Activatede sludge cam handle... or you can combine a anaerobic system withsome biofilter for polishment... works good and cheap!

Sameer Dohare
After preliminary treatment i.e. screen chamber, for BOD removal from 250 mg/L to < 10 mg/L : MBBR (Moving Bed Bio-Reactor) system is proposed, which require reactor volume of about 2.5 m3 (HRT : 2 Hours) by considering BOD loading of 7.5 Kg/Day.
Reactor dimensions : Length : 2.5 m; Width : 1.0 m; and Depth : 1.0 m.
Media of about 400 2/m3 surface will fill about 50% of the tank volume.
Considering OTE of about 6%/m, about 20.5 m3/hr of air will be required.
For SS removal from 250 mg/L to < 15 mg/L : Tube settler of surface area of about 0.75 m2 (SLR : 1.7 m3/m2.hr) having weir length of about 0.25 m (WLR : 120 m3/m2.day) is proposed.
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