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IWA SG project - Water efficiency case studies to support performance indicator development

Joao Mimoso
Started by Joao Mimoso on
08 Apr 2015 at 10:46
Researcher, EAWAG
Know-how: Water Supply, Treatment, Research, Energy, Desalination

Dear colleagues,
I would like to know if you could help me and the specialist group Efficient Urban Water Management from IWA by filling in the form below (in case you have any case study) or passing it on to someone that can fill it in.
Thank you very much for your collaboration.
Best regards,

International Water Association seeking information on best practice water efficiency projects
Water efficiency measures have increasingly been applied and researched globally, however to date there hasn't been a comprehensive collation or analysis of these programmes. The Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group is planning to develop an understanding of best practice in water use efficiency to support indicators for comparison between water utilities, states, and counties (similar to the Infrastructure Leakage Index). A baseline is first required to understand the state of water efficiency activities, targets and impacts on consumption internationally.
We are seeking information on best practice water efficiency projects/ programmes to help inform the development of performance indicators. The outputs from this research project will be discussed at the IWA Efficient/ Benchmarking 2015 conference in April 2015.
Please help us by completing the case study survey at  (this will remain open until 10 April 2015)
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