Preservation of Rivers and Ponds

Healthy Oceans Are Critical to Our Economy

Bhaskar Mallimadugula
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11 Jan 2012 at 10:43
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A very good speech on health of waterways in USA.

The following speech was given Oct. 14 at the Metropolitan Club in New York City by Stephen M. Coen, Ph.D., president and CEO of Sea Research Foundation, Inc., the parent organization of Mystic Aquarium:

We must pay attention to the food chain in our oceans and waterways. We have depleted large stocks of fish, and many of the ocean’s top predators—including whales and sharks—are endangered. These animals are sentinels of the sea. If we listen, they will tell us what is happening in the ocean environment. Understanding their immune systems can help us prepare for and react to adverse changes in our own environments.


joseph basrani
Yogesh, Sad part that Govt is not taking proper initiative. People can do their best but with out the help from bureaucrats in country like India I guess its is highly impossible to get the clean environ. I have visited Gujarat last month and can see the river their is quite good compared to the Ganga. How come?
Yogesh Agrawal
Hi Vishkha, You are correct. This is the ideal situation. But now the governments are not caring for poor people. They care only for people, who can provide them financial favour and political favour. A poor man sitting in remote areas, is no use for any government. In the Public Interest Litigation regarding reviving Ramgarh dam of Jaipur city, even the Chief secretary of Rajasthan Government made false promise to study and remove the obstructions in the flow of water towards Ramgarh dam. On 23 rd April 2012, High court commented that it would have been better if you have fulfilled your promise made in the court in the previous hearing, he had no reply. Vested interests are so powerful that the governments are afraid of them and are unable to take action in favour of the masses.
Vishakha Rajput
As a society, we have a choice as to whether or not future generations will enjoy clean waterways and marine life. We should work with community groups, individuals, and other jurisdictions on saving the waterways and the surrounding environs. Some priorities include addressing water quality issues, ensuring adequate riparian buffers, and working with landowners and businesses on implementing best management practices.
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