Decentralized Water Management

Guidelines for water distribution system design.

Awaz Gravi
Started by Awaz Gravi on
11 May 2015 at 06:11
Road Management, Govermental
Know-how: Catchment Management

Does anyone have any standards and criteria guidlines for water distribution system design, and water cost and price analysis tools?


Allistair Brown
this link may help, I will add these documents to library afterwards
Awaz Gravi
thank you very much
Bio Microbics
Are you wanting a "water distribution system" design for drinking water, water treatment, or water reuse design with blackwater and/or greywater (wastewater) harvesting and treatment?
Awaz Gravi
I want all, Water Distribution system for drinking water , and water harvesting , water reuse and water treatment
thanks in advance
Steve Williams
Here is a link to a pilot rainwater harvesting program I designed.

I have had little interest in my area, but welcome any and all suggestions and criticisms to improve the concept.
Awaz Gravi
thank you
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