Ethical water exchange

Do you think that increasing reuse water will solve water scarcity?

Valerie Issumo
Started by Valerie Issumo on
14 Aug 2011 at 04:15
Project Leader and Designer of the Ethical Water Exchange, Prana Sustainable Water
Know-how: Economics, Trading


Valerie Issumo
Many thanks Hans. My tool is commoditizing only treated water from wastewater. In the world 90% wastewater is untreated although it is a resource for energy, treated water, phosphorus, polymers...etc...
Hans Hummel
I often struggled with the concept of a trading market for water, but the idea of trading in rights for waste water or treated waste water could vastly improve the treatment and reuse of various waste streams. But with any market you need buyers and sellers and a market need. Water scarcity is a global issue but in practice it's a local issue which results in a very fragmented market. The big question is how to tie local water needs into a broader trading market?
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