Conventional or Membrane Filtration for Seawater RO?

Nikolay Voutchkov
Started by Nikolay Voutchkov on
28 Feb 2012 at 19:14
President, Water Globe Consulting, LLC
Know-how: Membrane Technology, Industrial Use, Forward Osmosis, Filtration

What is your preference in terms of seawater pretreatment for reverse osmosis membrane desalination?


Sabin Bisht
thanks for information.
Richard Woodling
Conventional if tight budget. Also consider either UF or as Nikolay mentioned Dissolved air flotation if Algal blooms, high SDI are common place.
emilio munoz
In my opinion, it depends on the money that you can afford for the pretreatment, if you want to propose a low cost solution, maybe an usual fitration is enough, with fine or absolut filters, if the budget for this project is high, i recommend using a Ultrafiltration.
Nikolay Voutchkov
The selection will also depend on the quality of the source water. If the source water is experiencing algal blooms most membrane pretreatment systems break algal cells and release easily biodegradable organics which foul not only them but also the downstream RO membranes.
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