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Canal linings for reducing sepage.

Amanthi G.
Started by Amanthi G. on
12 Feb 2015 at 03:24
Know-how: Sludge Separation, Water Resource Mapping

Dear friends, what are the new construction material used for lining canals these days? We have textured soil and I see that the canal lining is constructed of concrete but still there is noticeable seepage happening.

Can we fix these leakages? I work with irrigation department and I am interested to know some new techniques involved in canal lining construction..


Sultan Salahuddin
can sir u till me what is criteria that we kept thickness of lining kept for rectagular as well as for trapezoidal channels
Iouri Vaisman
Hi Amanthii, did you investigate some HDPE (plastic) lining products? One example is
There are a few other products on the market as well. In my experience, the issue with open irrigation channels is seepage (where unlined) and also evaporation (especially for long channels). Also, regulating / offtake structures cam cause some issues. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further advise. Regards, Iouri
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