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Brazil drought: Sao Paulo sleepwalking into water crisis

Leonardo Zanata
Started by Leonardo Zanata on
10 Nov 2014 at 08:20
Project Manager & Environmental Consultant, HLR (High Level Resources) Services
Know-how: Water sanitation, Biological Treatment, Reuse, Industrial Water Treatment , Chemical Analysis, Membrane Technology

Hello felows... 

Here is how we (Brazil) are taking care of our water crisis in São Paulo.... Terrible, but is true.

I hope you guys can find better solutions for similar problems.


Best wishes... Léo.


Heinrich J Scheffer
Hallo Senhor Zanata. I have read about the perils of the predicted water shortages in your country. There are many factors influencing this outcome but the main one hinges on population growth. I have said for decades that people should be restricted to have babies, in favor of future generation survival. This was ignored and it will be ignored in years to come. People will die in droves but still there will be drastic growth of infants. There is no remedy. People are too nice and sweat today and do not wish to impose on these matters. They will rather die of thirst. And so they will.
Nicole de Rueda
We always take curative measures rather preventing steps. Water rationing should be done very where in the world. Even the business houses should follow the best water management practices.
Leonardo Zanata
Sure Nicole! I agree... the government is doing a hard campaing to educate people how to save water in houses here, and thaey are even guiving some prizes for how prove savings up to 30%... nice iniciative, don't you think? cya!
Leonardo Zanata
Im sorry Trudi... but I believe that those information will be available in a year (more or less).... Brazilian people (in a general way, not all of us) use to be "lazy" on learned lessons.... but ASAP i post it here. cya!
Trudi Schifter
It is tragic. Would be good to solicit a blog from local water Pros about lessons learned.
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