Preservation of Rivers and Ponds

Blue Nile

Hussein Ibrahim
Started by Hussein Ibrahim on
26 Sep 2013 at 03:35
General Agricultural Specialist, Previous Eastern Nile Watershed Development and Management
Know-how: Creative Development, Bioenergy Technology, Rainwater Harvesting, Future Irrigation Systems, Drip Irrigation

Eastern Nile Watershed Programe Management Is [ENWPM] very Successfull "The Watershed of the Blue Nile"

Sudan ,Egypt and Ethiopia...

On the Optimization of the Using of the existing Natural  Resources and permit for Sustainability

The Overall Objective of the project is to improve the livelihood of communities / housholds in rural through comperehensive and integrated natural resources development.. It aims at productivity enhancement measres for improved income generation oppertunities , enhanced livelihood support system and optimize the use of existing Natural Resources and untapped potentials in both already degraded areas and the remaining areas 


Tesfaye  Yimer
I never heard about ENWPM( Sorry for my Ignorance). We heard about the Nile Water Initiative, which is not able to address the needs and interest of the Nile Water Source Countries as it has been expected.

What we know is Ethiopia's effort to exercise her water use right by her own resources. Ethiopia not only rejected the so called historic rights of Egypt and Sudan on Nile Water but also started developing and using part of Blue Nile Water for electric power generation and irrigation.

The recent agreement signed (The March Agreement in Khartoum) in among the three countries( Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt) can be considered as a good start. However, it can only be a complete success when Egypt and Sudan officially accept the illegality of the 1929 and 1959 Nile Water agreements. More specifically, Egypt and Sudan should officially endorse Ethiopia's right to use Blue Nile water for irrigation, power generation, human consumption, livestock consumption. In this sense, Ethiopian's will also be fully committed to not significantly harming lower Nile Watershed countries.
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