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America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2014

Vishakha Rajput
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14 Apr 2014 at 06:42
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American Rivers announced its annual list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers®, naming California’s San Joaquin River the Most Endangered River in the country.  Outdated water management and excessive diversions, compounded by the current drought, have put the San Joaquin River at a breaking point. 

America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2014:

#1 San Joaquin River
Threat: Outdated water management and excessive diversions
At Risk: River health and resilient communities

#2 Upper Colorado River System
Threat: New trans-mountain water diversions
At Risk: River health and recreation

#3 Middle Mississippi River
Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky
Threat: Outdated flood management
At Risk: Wildlife habitat and public safety

#4 Gila River
New Mexico
Threat: New water diversions
At Risk: River health, fish & wildlife, recreation, and tourism

#5 San Francisquito Creek
Threat: Dam
At Risk: Fish and wildlife habitat and public safety

#6 South Fork Edisto River
South Carolina
Threat: Excessive water withdrawals
At Risk: Fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, and water quality

#7 White River (CO)
Threat: Oil and gas drilling
At Risk: Drinking water supplies and fish and wildlife habitat

#8 White River (WA)
Threat: Outdated dam and fish passage facilities
At Risk: Salmon, steelhead, and bull trout populations

#9 Haw River
North Carolina
Threat: Polluted runoff
At Risk: Clean water

#10 Clearwater/Lochsa Rivers
Threat: Industrialization of a Wild and Scenic River corridor
At Risk: Scenery, solitude, world-class recreational values



Yogesh Agrawal
Hi Vishakha rajput,
You have really started a good discussion. BTW i think if there is little rainfall in catchment areas every river will come in this category. However due to development works, improper utilisation of resources and polluted water being discharged in the canals is harming the canals most.
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