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Accurate estimate of CO2 flux to the ocean

Engr. Mansoor Ahmed PhD. Scholar
Started by Engr. Mansoor Ahmed PhD. Scholar on
29 Apr 2015 at 04:06
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Would appreciate if anyone can spare some time to help solve this problem?

1. Assume the present concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is 360ppmv (mL/m3), and the average concentration in the surface layer of the ocean is 0.868 mg/L of CO2(aq). Calculate the flux rate in Gt C/yr (1 gigaton = 1015g) to the ocean from the atmosphere. Can you tell why it is so difficult to get accurate estimate of CO2 flux to the ocean?

A= 3.6×1018cm2 ocean area
H= Henryˈs constant = 0.77(mg/L air)/( (mg/L H2O) at 15˚C
KL= overall mass transfer coefficient = 20.0 cm/h

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