Yemen crisis: Shortage of water and medical supplies threatens civilians

13 Apr 2015 Posted by: Water Network Research

Millions of Yemeni families attempting to survive the bloody civil war that has drawn in larger Middle Eastern powers face danger from another worsening threat: disruption to the water supply in one of the world’s driest countries.

Even before the fighting reached its current intensity around 13 million people did not have regular supplies of clean drinking water.

Now a shortage of fuel needed to pump water from underground aquifers has left a further million people in Aden without drinking water for more than five days, with entire areas of the southern city reported to be cut off.

Grant Pritchard, Oxfam’s acting country director for Yemen, said: “Before the escalation in fighting began almost two weeks ago, there were 13 million people in Yemen with no access to clean drinking water, along with 10 million with insufficient access to food and nine million lacking medical supplies.

April 09, 2015

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