I need some suggestion on MBR effluent for reuse potential. The effluent water meets ...

Walter Schultz CEO HTI


Hi Paul,

HTI offers an unique OsMBR process, where we place Forward Osmosis membranes into submerged MBR and then use Reverse Osmosis to re-concentrate a NaCl FO draw solution in the closed loop system. The result is RO quality permeate that should exceed all of your requirements for color and quality. Because the FO membrane is a tight membrane, it completely isolates the RO system from the traditional fouling challenges encountered when RO is applied to an MBR . In case of OsMBR the final permeate has typically passed through three tight membrane passes assuring a very high quality product.


Paul Jacob
Thanks for introducing to FO. We are also doing some research on FO-AnMBR. But I didnt know FO-MBR's are currently available in the market.

If our current setup does not work. I think I will look into OsMBR. Thank you for sharing. This is something I didnt know.
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