As sewage is moved to treatment centres via pumped systems there is a risk of waste ...

Use a clean water header tank


Unless there is some particularly active trade effluent in the sewage the reason for septicity is due to the time stoed. Assuming the rising main has been sized correctly then this can generally only be due to a combination of the length of the main and the rate of inflow to the pumping station being low. In 1996 I built a pumping station that only operated as a backup during periods of high flow. Therefore after operation the main would remain full of effluent. As we were on a WwTW we installed a drip feed from the final effluent ring main which would cause the station to pump twice a day. This has been very successful and they have not had any septicity.

On some recent first time rural sewerage projects where we were putting in pumping stations to pump the flow from small communities to WwTWs in adjacent communities we installed a header filled tank which would dill slowly with potable water and then discharge into the wet well and effectively flush the main twice a day

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