I am looking for technologies to collect, filter and store rainwater for Southern ...

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Hi Valerie,
The rainwater can be one of two: roof water (water from roofs only) or storm water (water from both roofs and land/roads etc.) The roof water is typically easy to collect and require minimal (if any) treatment. Storm water is likely to require more treatment prior to reuse. Treatment of storm water could be designed either via more environmentally friendly features (like vegetated swales, bio retention, wetlands) or more "hard engineered" solutions like sand filtration, media filtration and likes. Depending on the land available, economical and political drivers and local legislation the designer should select either one or a combination of both. To design the treatment solution the designer will also need to know the quality of rainwater and the quality of product water required. Design of the collection and storage elements of the rainwater harvesting scheme typically require the analysis of local rainfall both in terms of amount and pattern/monthly/yearly distribution. You will also need to know the demand for product water on the monthly and peak daily basis.
Not sure you can get a simple answer you asked for unless from the companies manufacturing/distributing the related equipment - however you need to tell them where your project is located.

Would be happy to assist further if you provide more details on the project.



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