We have a huge project where we have laid more than 800 km of distribution water ...

Please give us a bit more information on the water network



I'm Ivan Nazzaretto, Product Manager for Water Loss solutions at Schneider Electric. 

We'd be very happy to assist you. 

It is important to understand if we are talking about a single transmission line (basically a pipe connecting A to B ), a transmission network (few branches of large pipeline) or a distribution network (pipelines inside a city supplying water to final customers).

Based on the above it will be possible to identify suitable solutions and technologies.

Best regards 
Ivan Nazzaretto


Ivan Nazzaretto
Hi Tejus
I think we still miss relevant information.
Network length and pipe material are important but even more important is the network topology and availability of sensors.
Probably the best way for suppliers to understand if they have the right solution for your case is that you provide a scheme of the network. A handmade sketch or diagram could be enough at this stage.
Thanks Ivan
Ivan Nazzaretto
Obviously the pipe was connecting A to b ... B
Tejus  kumar
Ivan, the project is related to water supply distribution and pipe is of HDPE to maintain 24x7 water supply for a city in India.
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