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Can the effluent of secondary treatment of pulp and paper plant be reused for irrigation?'


In response to your question, Reuse of wastewater for domestic and agricultural purposes has been occurring since historical times. However, planned reuse is gained importance only two or three decades ago, as the demands for water dramatically increased due to technological advancement, population growth, and urbanization, which put great stress on the natural water cycle. Reuse of wastewater for water-demanding activities, which, so far consumed limited freshwater resources is, in effect, imitating the natural water cycle through engineered processes. Several pioneering studies have provided the technological confidence for the safe reuse of reclaimed water for beneficial uses. While initial emphasis was mainly on reuse for agricultural and non-potable reuses, the recent trends prove that there are direct reuse opportunities to applications closer to the point of generation.


Suhasini Bhatnagar
Reuse by Bioremediation of Pulp and paper effluent is also an available option.
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