A free chlorine plant of pulp and paper will be installed near Orinoco River in ...

Can the effluent of secondary treatment of pulp and paper plant be reused for irrigation?


The water in the effluent can be used for irrigation after extraction of the water. We will not remove the pollution out of the effluent, but we will extract the pure water. This water can be used for irrigation, but without the nutrient


Suhasini Bhatnagar
I have been doing this for quite some time,and it will not be just bacteria alone but for paper also a fungus.The time required is just 24 hrs. and Capacity is what you wish to inside your factory.I have the bacteria as well ready to use.The system works.Please write to me on suhasinibhatnagar@gmail.com.I am doing it practically and it works.
Suhasini Bhatnagar
Again my answer would be the same that the paper effluent can be treated by Bioremediation and it can be then drunk even.Put it to any use one wishes.
Arnold van der Post
Dear Suhasini,
When I read this page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bioremediation one can read different comments on your promise. But the first question for you is what is the capacity of this system? I know one can find bacteria to solve all kinds of pollution. But the factor time is a problem.
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