Tia Carr Williams

Tia Carr Williams

Director of Engagement
Bath, United KingdomTallyFox
Education: Masters
Bio: Tia Carr Williams is a professional Social Media Strategist and an authority on Collaborative Business Communications. With 30 years of real-world business experience, including twelve years acquired online at "the rock face" of the ever evolving web, she has hands-on experience in user interface design, wire framing and developing communities online; her first entrepreneurial foray was Amodus, a network designed for C suite professionals, in 2002. Tia is now fully involved in helping companies shift to social through technology, compentency and culture built on many experience. Bringing insights to advantage clients seeking to add value in organisational knowledge development through the deployment of social technologies is her passion. Tia applies KM media to help businesses understand how customers, stakeholders and communities are changing communications and to build value in this consistently changing field. Specializing in network engagement, deliberative dialogue, reputation management and knowledge acquisition, Tia recognises the needs that businesses and organisation have for open conversation as a means to innovation and sustainable knowledge creation. Tia is the founder of www.RelationshipManagementInstitute.com and www.legalsocialmedia.com. Tia has a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Psychology and the Study of Religions.

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