Steve Thornton

Steve Thornton

Reader in Environmental Engineering
University of Sheffield
Sheffield, United KingdomGlobal citizen
Education: PhD

Steve Thornton is a contaminant hydrogeologist and leads the internationally renown Groundwater Protection and Restoration Group (GPRG) at the University of Sheffield. The GPRG conducts fundamental and applied research in processes, monitoring approaches and technology development for the investigation, assessment, remediation and management of groundwater pollution. His research interests include biodegradation of organic contaminants in groundwater, application of bioremediation and natural attenuation for the management of soil and groundwater pollution from aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, fuel additives, pesticides, nutrients, heavy metals and landfill leachate, performance assessment of in situ remediation concepts, management approaches for point source and diffuse pollution from industrial and agricultural activities, solute fate and transport at the groundwater-surface water interface, and engineering design of reactive barrier concepts for agricultural pollutants and waste disposal facilities. His experience covers granular porous and fractured rock aquifers, with particular emphasis on the integration of stable isotope and molecular microbiological analysis for multidisciplinary characterisation of natural and polluted systems. Steve has published widely in the discipline and delivered advanced professional development training courses on various topics to numerous private and public sector organisations on 3 continents. He has also been an external advisor for the development of UK Environment Agency technical guidance on various groundwater restoration and management concepts. He is currently developing industry best practice guidance on LNAPL fate and transport in the subsurface with an international team of co-authors. He is a Visiting Professor in the College of Water Sciences at Beijing Normal University, China and an Associate Editor of the international journal Groundwater.

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