Sarah Topps

Sarah Topps

2014 - 2015 Pacific Regional Representative
Canadian Water Network - Students and Young Professionals Committee
New Westminster , CanadaGlobal citizen
Education: Masters

As a Master of Public Health student graduating in June 2014, Sarah is excited to bring a health lens to the table. She is a practical, solution-oriented young professional who enjoys thinking outside the watershed. Sarah has been interested in the intersectionality of water and health since the third year of her Bachelor of Arts at McGill, when she first learned of solar water disinfection (SODIS) and decided make it the subject of her honours thesis.

In 2013, Sarah was fortunate to do her Master of Public Health practicum with CAWST, the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology, working on a variety of water-related knowledge translation pieces. Working at CAWST helped her to develop an appreciation for the need for diverse perspectives within the water sector – ranging from environmental specialists to engineers to public health.

Sarah loves to travel, spend time with friends and family, and ski the champagne powder of the Rockies.

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