Khaled  Nassereldin

Khaled Nassereldin

Executive Manager
Jerusalem, IsraelGlobal citizen
Education: Masters
Bio: Khaled Nassereldin is a senior water and sanitary engineer with 25 years of water sector engineering, construction supervision, and contract management experience. Activities have focused on water resources and sanitation planning and construction management. As Chief Engineer, he provided expert guidance and took the lead in variety of water and sanitation studies, designs and construction supervision; including urban and rural water supply, wastewater collection & treatment systems, municipal and industrial wastewater management, agricultural programs related to wastewater reuse, and composted bio solids. Prepared regular reports and provide accurate updates on the projects, provided advice and expert guidance to all staff, liaison with client, took the lead in the preparation of work plans, evaluate scope of works, programs, and project. Ensuring that the projects were stream lined and on course to achieve expected outputs. He reviewed departmental reports and documents tracking the results against plans, recruitment and management of departmental personnel. His experience includes 25 years of hands on, Project Management, feasibility studies, designs, construction supervision and institutional arrangements of water and wastewater systems. Khaled has a strong interpersonal, managerial, and communication skills, and ability to function as a team player.

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