Keith Willett

Keith Willett

Managing Director
DJO-Eco Ltd
Ramsgate , United KingdomGlobal citizen
Education: Masters

Keith is a highly experienced Senior Manager operating at board level; his background covers water, wastewater, renewables, engineering, charities, company start-ups and reviews. 

He is specialised in analysing   and assessing situations in detail, providing innovative and financially sound solutions to problems, Project size has varied between £500,000 to £650 million.

Keith is excellent at working with people and shows them empathy and pragmatism to implement sustainable effective change.

He is an experienced interim manager working within commercial business structures. Specialising in new product delivery, the creation of business case for implementation of renewable energy products, creation of outline marketing and communication plan for start up operations, process, change management, supply chain review, sales and marketing reviews and tactical updates.

He has worked on a global basis in over 75 countries during his career, is thus well accustomed to cultural impacts within the business environment, this also means his business contacts  are wide and varied.

He is a strategic thinker, logical, analytical, objectively critical, decisive clear and assertive. His training and commercial experience ensures that he is practical, realistic, systematic and pragmatic. 

He has proven ability to influence and interact effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders, has a clear vision of the way things should be. 

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