Jamel Chahed

Jamel Chahed

Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunis
Tunis, TunisiaGlobal citizen
Education: PhD

~~Jamel Chahed is now Professor at the National Engineering School of Tunis and researcher at the Laboratory of Modelling in Hydraulics and Environment (LMHE). He holds a “Third Cycle Doctorate” in 1989 then a “Doctorate ès Sciences” in Hydraulics in 1999. With his engineering background, he has embraced a scientific career in a variety of fields. His work ranges from theoretical and applied fluid mechanics to many environmental questions from hydraulics, hydrology, water resource planning and management, sustainable energy, environmental economics. His research has appeared as articles, book chapters, technical reports, conferences and symposiums acts in diverse specialized literature such as hydrodynamics, turbulence and transfers, chemical engineering, water resources, environmental issues.
Over the past 25 years he has been involved as a teacher, educator, researcher, and expert in number of national and international academic, research, and technical programs. As visiting professor, associate researcher, guest speaker he joined number of research teams at academic institutes, research laboratories, R&D centres in Canada, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, USA. During his latest career, he takes part to a strong-minded task group which made more than a decade of technical and policy contributions to water sustainable management and governance with a thematic focus on global water balance assessment. The major contribution in this field concerns the enlargement of fresh water concept to all water resources at the national scale including the “Virtual-Water” content of rainfed agriculture and of foodstuffs trade balance. This global water vision opened new avenues in facing the great challenges of water resources in arid countries like Tunisia.

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