Doug Bates

Doug Bates

Kinross, United KingdomWater
Education: Undergraduate
Bio: * British South African exploration geologist, * 30 years experience in mineral exploration and groundwater development sectors, * Proprietor / CEO of GEODIVINING INTERNATIONAL since 1994, * More than 2,500 successful groundwater developments. * Based in UK, Global activity especially in Europe, North America, Caribbean region, Southern Africa and East Africa, Australia, China, - Most recent / current developments in UK and China, * Specialist in combined conventional and unconventional groundwater surveying, combining geology and geophysics with the intuitive art of water divining to accurately map major water yielding structures in all hetrogeneous geological environments (fractured aquifers and especially all types of crystalline bedrock), * Accurate mapping of deep groundwater conduits (faults and fractures, dyke margins, shear zones, etc) enables exact borehole location and yield estimation prior to drilling, thus we seldom do test drilling, just aim to achieve required production volumes with a single or pre-specified number of boreholes in each case, * 85-96% regional First Strike drilling Success rates (providing clients' full water supply requirement from a single borehole), producing exceptional high yields relative to regional or local averages, * Typically 3 times to 10 times more efficient (in terms of survey and development cost per unit yield) than purely conventional methods of water prospecting = Large savings in development costs, * Survey method provides exact drilling locations for optimum yield achievement by accurate intersection of major water-bearing structures, with individual measurements of expected casing depth, productive depth range, and expected yield from a bore of specified diameter and depth, effective to any depth, * Troubleshooting specialists (almost 40% of our surveys are troubleshooting jobs) locating high yield sources where other survey and drilling attempts have previously failed, * Project Management, Environmental Compliance, Drilling Specification, Supervision, and Borehole Logging Services also available.

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