David Pitt

David Pitt

Managing Director
Leigh-on-Sea, United KingdomGlobal citizen
Education: Undergraduate

Nearly 40 years industry experience. Multi award winning innovations and specialist in underground infrastructure. Pioneering technologies such as PipeTrack Inertial Gyroscopic Mapping. More recently the integration of LiDAR in-pipe 3D digital profiling enabling future change recognition enabling advanced BIM and monitoring etc. 

Also the invention of Flusher hydraulic acceleration and attenuation systems. Flusher cleans and keeps clean under performing drains, sewers and watercourses. These systems also add considerable benefits and opportunities for Flood Protection and Alleviation. 

infotec are the longest standing Underground Utility Mapping Company currently operating in the UK with acknowledged skills and Industry a Awards covering many aspects of the Water Sector. 

Part of a small group of specialists, Infotec also pioneer Inteligent a Trench and Intelligent Utilities. Utilising advanced ego spatial data management triggered by advanced positional systems including unique RFID systems. 

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