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I am serving on a Rapid Response Team for the American Society of Agronomy.  I will be serving on the Nutrient Management Response Team.  These Rapid Response Teams are a new concept for the Society developed to help the membership gain a more "hands on" view of newly emerging issues that they may face.  I am very excited about this and am honored to be considered.  This team will help set the policy standards by which Nutrient Management Guidelines will be written.

I am also a Council Member for GLG and have worked with GLG OEM clients for precision ag product guidance.


My contact base has been developed over the 25 years to include employees of various retail organizations including CPS, Helena, Meherrin Chemical, Seedway, Growmark/FS, and Winfield as well as independent retailers such as Caro Vail, and Willard Agri-Service.  I developed deep relationships with dealers of Trimble, Raven, JD 360, Precision Planting, Agco, GVM, Adapt-N, SST, Hagie, and others.  Most of my contacts within these organizations would be at the field and mid-management levels as well as a few agronomists/precision ag staff within these organizations.  I also know marketing managers in CPS to varying degrees, and I have worked with staff in Agrium, specifically for the ESN product.  I have worked closely with the Technical Representative for BASF as well at the Field Staff from Virginia to Maine.  My staff and I were the first cooperating retailer in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions who provided large-scale corn silage and grain yield data for the Plant Health Initiative in NY by BASF back in 2009.  More recently, I developed the 2012 Nitrogen Demo Plot for the New York Corn and Soybean Growers field day used by Ken Ferrie of Crop Tech Consulting to provide live examples of how corn responds to different nitrogen sources.  I have had the pleasure of having worked with field staff members from Rutgers, University of Delaware, and Cornell.  Most recently, I have had discussions with the developers of the Adapt-N nitrogen management program and, I also had the pleasure to work on the development of a portfolio of private label products with the Lido Chem Company for my former employer, Caro Vail.  

I have worked with staff from several different private consulting companies to various degrees, including Scott Quinn of Farm Site Technologies, ACS, Agrinetix, Agr Assistance, Mark Ochs, and ConsulAgr.

My sales training to my local staff has always been frequent and just a part of daily business.  We would have “formal” meetings every season, and I would also offer training provided by other professional sources.  I have always been a strong supporter of the “Small Group” style of customer training.  At CaroVail, I would always have a one or two large grower meetings each year to provide a bigger picture of what CaroVail in Auburn, NY was all about.  We would then support these with smaller, focused grower meetings to provide a more intimate and non-threatening environment for open discussion on new products and services that I had felt were important to roll out to our customers.  Many times I would create and do the presentations and allow my sales staff to do the face to face invitations to get the customers there.  We also were the main facility for the company to attend several different shows on their behalf each year.

I worked with staff from Lido Chem to help develop the Finisher and Edge portfolio of products for CaroVail.  With the excellent help of Lido Chem, we were able to develop labeling and graphics in short order and rolled out the initial line within several months from creation.  It is always critical to product development to create a “storybook” of the products and how they are performing.  In CaroVail, we developed a plan to do yearly trials on a multiyear basis, always updating our storybook.  The key to successful product growth is always to have been looking for a way to make the product better.  We did just that by starting with a good product and having a list of enhancements for future growth.  To date, the lineup has had success in a market dominated by private brands produced by nationals.


My retail product launches have included:

Allentown, NJ

This facility was a very small facility with total sales just under $1 million.  During my time there the following were introduced:

I created an application business from nothing that wound up contributing over $1 million in total revenues within four years of its creation.

We introduced the CPS brand of seeds and wound up reaching seed revenues in excess of $1 million within three years.

I have had success developing what I would call a “Total Nitrogen Plan” for growers over the years.  Here are some examples.



Worton, MD

I worked for several years in this very progressive and very environmentally sensitive watershed of the Chesapeake Bay.  The reintroduction of anhydrous ammonia into a market that was dominated by UAN and urea.  We reopened a closed facility, and I put together a marketing plan to reintroduce the one nitrogen product that my competition did not have.  We went from zero tons to right about 600 tons in three years.

I also introduced ESN into this same market.  I created and conducted a marketing campaign consisting of direct mail pieces as well as in field trials.  Each year the updated “storybook” was presented to local growers at meetings.  I also employed the use of University of Delaware staff who had done field trial work to provide meeting updates.   By the time I left we were selling over 400-500 tons a year.

 Auburn, NY

It was during my time in Auburn, NY that the Precision Ag Market began to see major developments within the industry.  Because of this I was able to create a GIS Department from the ground up.  Within the first three months, we had enough business booked for the next season that it was forecasted to be profitable.  I worked with cutting edge organizations that worked with Trimble, Raven, and others while directly working with AgJunction myself to use their full suite of products.

I have also worked as a conduit for different suppliers to network with each other.  I have introduced Adapt-N to AgJunction as well as worked with Agrinetix to provide them insight into various retail organizations from New York to the DelMarva.  


I introduced Yara Mila fertilizer into the Auburn, NY market.  This is a premium priced product with excellent crop response when properly used.  I employed the support of the well versed Yara representative as well as the Yara graphics department to create a mail campaign as well product training for staff and customers.  We grew inserted this product into my overall “Total Nitrogen Plan” for the Auburn, NY facility with smashing success.   We sold almost 700 tons the first season.

My best achievement relative to my concept for a “Total Nitrogen Plan” in Auburn, NY was the addition of ESN into the portfolio.  I had been working with Agrium and Carolina Eastern for two years to earn a dealership for the product.  We were finally granted that dealership and then had full line up of ingredients available to blend in various ratios to provide maximum nitrogen performance.  By using Yara Mila, ESN, ammonium sulfate, and Super U we had something no one else in all of central NY had.  Our ESN sales were 400 tons the first season and were going to grow in the second year.

With the help of Lido Chem I spearheaded the creation the Edge and Finisher product lineup.  I sales have grown from zero to over 6 trailer loads of specialty fertilizers annually in three years.  I also introduced the lineup to CE Crocker in LeRoy, NY and they have been having good success with brand differentiation and product performance.  I do not know how much they sold their first season.

I also collaborated on the creation of a proprietary foliar fertilizer with Jeremy Schultz, a friend of mine.  I provided a good amount of initial agronomic support as well as marketing structure.  I never charged anything for my help.  

While at Auburn, NY I also worked in the wholesale fertilizer business and was a supplier of Super U, Kmag, and other fertilizer ingredients.  We promoted the ability of the facility to service other local retailers in the area and grew the business from approximately 1500 tons to in excess of 3500 tons in the first three years.


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