Ahmed Bilal

Ahmed Bilal

PakistanGlobal citizen

Ahmad is a civil engineer by profession from Pakistan, currently residing in Sweden. He received his bachelors from NUST Pakistan and MS from Lund University, Sweden. His work experience revolves around structural design of buildings, tower foundations and design management. After about eight years of working experience, he felt the need to narrow his focus and selected Water Resources Engineering for his master's studies. One of the reasons to jump into water resources is his feeling that water related problems will the biggest challenge in the near future and that there are not enough experts available considering the magnitude of problems. His near future aims are to pursue a research related career or finding a suitable PhD position. His research interests include, sediment transport, catchment behavior and modeling techniques (Hydraulics and Hydrological). He believes in all stakeholder participation and a interdisciplinary approach while working on real life challenges, both professional and personal.

Besides struggling to look like a water researcher he also loves seeing places, meeting people, wasting some of his time on social networking websites and spending time with family

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